November 09, 2016

Long day

:: So...Mr. Trump is our new president it seems...America is a very interesting place. The next four years should be something to witness.

:: VIP day -- it was interesting in our new location, and unfortunately we had multiple technology difficulties. Which is never good. Overall, it went ok. We'll see what we end up doing for next Wednesday's VIP presentation. Third in a row, but then that's it for a bit.

:: Chris had a lot of fun last night at Painting with a Twist -- a few people from his department got together for pizza at Brickoven and then painted...I'm sure there was a lot of laughter!

:: I was able to get in a workout after the presentation ended at 6:00 -- and that means some Gilmore Girls time too :) Season 5 has been entertaining!

:: Tomorrow evening, we are going out to dinner with Nick...not sure where yet but we are looking forward to it! Nick is always good for some fantastic conversation!

:: I did a manicure in Essie Smokin' Hot, which is a lovely dark eggplant color. Loving it! Essie is by far my favorite nail polish brand. It goes on so smooth, and seems to last a bit longer for me. And with my unusual long nails, it looks so so nice! I have never had long nails in my entire life...they break constantly and peel. For the last three weeks (or more), I have had long nails on every finger, with no breaking. It really kind of baffles me but I love them!

:: Time to go do some relaxing...long day.

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