December 31, 2016

2016 Recap

When I was growing up, adults always said that the older you got, the faster time flew by. Yeah yeah yeah. Well, I am here to tell you that they were right, and man...this year was over in a blink.

Overall, 2016 was a pretty good year for's a recap:

:: We visited our favorite town, Fredericksburg -- Jan, May, Aug, Oct
:: I attended yoga classes for awhile
:: We did The Daniel Plan as a company
:: I received 6 Stitch Fix deliveries throughout the year
:: We continued our Book Club
::  I attended a four day scrapbook retreat at the Mansfield house
:: Chris and Mimi went to the Barry Manilow concert
:: Chris had a few Passare business trips
:: We hit the two year mark at our church, Beltway
:: Chris ran a 50 mile train race in Dallas
:: I celebrated 14 years at FDLIC
:: We went on the incentive trip to Cancun
:: I did two Whole30s
:: I celebrated my 40th birthday with a surprise party
:: We went to the Jennifer Nettles concert
:: We enjoyed Donkey Weekend in the Fredericksburg trailer
:: Mom and I had our Mother/Daughter trip to San Antonio
:: Chris started training with a personal coach from Australia
:: Chris celebrated 1 year with Passare
:: I attended two Rangers games with my department
:: I learned how to meal prep
:: We had a 4th of July pool party at our house
:: Chris celebrated #42
:: We enjoyed the roller skating Dig Gig
:: We hosted the July scrapbook retreat at our house
:: We celebrated our 9th anniversary
:: I opened an Etsy shop
:: We traveled to Colorado Springs with Kiki and Blaise
:: Chris ran the Pikes Peak Marathon
:: Chris started some online classes
:: We went to the Drag Races in Ennis
:: We stayed at an awesome Air B&B with donkeys in Ennis
:: I wrote a meal prep eBook to sell in my Etsy shop
:: We enjoyed Fredericksburg with two couples for Wine Fest
:: I learned how to make bath bombs
:: We visited STL for Thanksgiving week
:: Chris ran the Turkey Trot 5k
:: Chris ran the San Antonio Half Marathon with FDLIC group
:: We had our 13th Annual photoshoot with the Halfmanns
:: We enjoyed our 50s themed Christmas party
:: Chris ran the Resolution 5k
:: We celebrated New Years at Julie's party

There were also the not-so-great things...

:: I developed weird eczema spots on my shins that lasted about a month
:: My sweet Fonda's cancer treatments have affected her health
:: My grandpa Al is having a lot of eye issues
:: My grandma Gene struggles with her arthritis
:: My grandma Flo was in the hospital a few times
:: I had to begin taking cholesterol medication
:: We still have not seen Aspen -- over two years now

I feel blessed that our good outweighs the is definitely a journey! I'm looking forward to 2017!

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