January 02, 2017

A New Year

The new year has begun! It was so very nice to have this Monday off...ahhh!!!

We had a great New Year's Eve! We started it off with Chris running the YMCA Resolution 5k race here in Abilene...and Chris won the event!! It was so exciting to watch him win his first race!! It also showed how great his fitness is in his training!! He lead the whole race and came in about 300m ahead of second place. He was pumped!!! He won a plague for Overall Finisher, his first ever!! So proud of him and all that he accomplishes, time after time.

Afterwards, we stopped for breakfast burritos and after cleaning up, I went to Kohls to spend my gift card! I had a plan going in, which went bust. I had wanted a second fleece sweatshirt like the one I got over Thanksgiving, and also some gloves with technology fingertips. Well...they had neither!! So I had to search around and find some new ideas :) I ended up with a new bra -- and let me tell you, this is the best bra I have ever purchased! It is SO comfy and flattering too. I definitely recommend it! I also bought some new silver hoop earrings.

That evening, we were invited to a party at our friend's (Julie and Dustin) with a few other couples and we enjoyed our evening there! We had great food (I took a jalapeno popper dip with crackers, and strawberries and fruit dip) and played games. There was a lot of laughter and loud music and fun! We also took our saber knife, and we sabered a few bottles of champagne for midnight. We counted down and kissed and cheered and toasted...here's to a great new year ahead!

New Year's Day, we spent time working on some decluttering...I went through my closet and removed a lot of stuff. That feels so good! I also decluttered the bathroom and our bedroom...Chris did the media room and the wine room. We'll be going systematically through the whole house in the next weeks. I dread doing my scrapbook room, but it is the room that needs it the most. I need to remove about half of everything!!! The room is out of control with decorations and scrapbook supplies...it is so overwhelming to be in the room, and it is where I spend the majority of my time! I'll save this room for last. We also watched some The 100 episodes -- the season is getting very crazy!!!

Monday, our day off, I did more decluttering and then met Kim for a movie date! We saw Collateral Beauty with Will Smith, and we both thought it was very good! Afterwards, I stopped and picked up my online grocery order.

So, now we are winding down and getting ready for our work week ahead. Yay for a four day work week! It is January so things should be a little more quiet for awhile.  Though we do have a 50th birthday party to attend and a baby shower too...

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