January 03, 2017

Back to Life

So, the real world beckoned this morning...the 6:15 am alarm was harsh, and back to the office we went. We were fully staffed again and everyone was ready for a fresh new year!

Chris did his run at lunch, so I headed home for a quiet, solitary lunch with Gilmore Girls. I'm on the final episode of the new 4 episodes, and I am having mixed feelings. It's a very odd episode so far. I am very curious to see how they are going to end the whole thing.

After work, we attended a surprise party for our friend Dawson, who turned 50! It was at Willow Creek Winery, and there was a good turnout. It unfortunately was outside, and it was chilly here today. So we didn't stay too terribly long. It was fun though. They had little appetizers there, and then we picked up Heff's burgers on the way home.

Now we are home and ready for a very brief stint of relaxing...and warming up from our chilly evening. Time for the fuzzy blanket!

Say a little prayer for Mimi--she went to the doctor today because she isn't feeling well, and he has her on a lot of medications trying to kick it. He is worried that it is going to develop into pneumonia, and that he'll have to put her in the hospital. We really don't want that!!

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