January 04, 2017


...was a quiet day at work, and I always enjoy that!

...I finished the four revival episodes of Gilmore Girls, and was a mixture of happy/sad/frustrated with them. Overall, I enjoyed them, but there were definitely parts that were very unnecessary and parts that I wish had gone a different way. And there were also some very odd things too. I'm glad I watched the series from beginning to end...I did enjoy it and I loved that Kim was watching it at the same time!

...it's time to find a new series to watch! I'm thinking The Crown, which is a drama about Queen Elizabeth's life. We shall see.

...we had black bean enchiladas and spanish rice for dinner, with guacamole!

...I plan to finish my needle felted bird! I recently bought a kit so that I could learn the art of needle felting, and I LOVE it!! I will post more about it once I have it done! I definitely plan to do more.

...am feeling a little tired, from being up in the night with my allergies. When our town goes from 70 degrees to 30 degrees in one day, that tends to wreak havoc on my system!

...I read more in "A Man Called Ove"...everyone seems to really love this book a lot, and I haven't quite gotten into it yet. I'm not very far in, so I still have high hopes for it.

...I spent my Christmas gift card at JC Penney! I decided on these really cute moccasins! As I am decluttering, there isn't a lot that I need. And with my Stitch Fix shipments, I don't really need clothes beyond that. But my number of winter shoes is small, and I do hope I like these! I ordered online, so we shall see!

...I was excited to see that the Becky Higgins Project Life app on my phone is about to offer photo books!!! This is big!!!! It will be so much easier. I can't wait to try it out!!!!!!!!

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