December 13, 2016

STL Post #1


Time to start telling the stories from our annual trip to my home town of STL!

We started our drive on Friday after work and made it to Joplin, MO...and then on Saturday, we finished off the driving -- getting to Manchesster Road around early afternoon. I am a blessed girl because my amazing husband drives the entire way!!! Which allows me lots and lots of hours to read to my heart's content!

When we reached Manchester, Chris had the idea for me to call and have Mom meet us at Faracci's for my favorite, favorite pizza!!!! Mom was on board right away and was waiting in the parking lot for us! After a big, big hug, we headed inside and enjoyed the deliciousness! I have it once a year, and I love it!

From there, we finished our journey down the road and arrived at Mom and Randy's house...and Roxy was waiting for us!! It's always so good to see that sweet pup...she's the best! After unpacking and relaxing and talking, we settled down

Pepperoni and mushroom...mmmmm!
Mom's beautiful tablescape for her delicious homemade dinner...
she always puts forth the little extra effort to make things special!
And she made snickerdoodle cupcakes for dessert too!
The delicious pasta and meatball casserole...mmm!!!
Sweet Roxy!! We think she gained about 10 pounds since the last time we saw her! :)
Mom and I headed to do a little shopping -- we hit up Whole Foods (Mom got fruitcake!),
a very expensive boutique (bought nothing!), and Steinmart (I got a purse -- my
peppermint oil had spilled out in my other purse, and it was stanky!)
Poor Chris -- he had to do quite a bit of work while we were there. :(
We bought Mom and Randy a new router because Chris
needed to use their wifi. He is so dedicated...

Sunday afternoon, we went to visit the Repps -- and it was bittersweet. My sweet Fonda is not doing well, and it broke my heart to see her like that. Dronda took some pictures during our visit...I can post those later when she shares them. They had a chair set up next to her recliner, and I sat and held her hand and talked quietly with her. Since our visit, she's had surgery that seems to have helped some of the issues she was experiencing...she'll be going home soon. Please say some prayers for Fonda...lots and lots of prayers. Love her so.

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