December 14, 2016

St. Louis Post #2


Monday, we had a relaxing day and then we met my cousin Shelly and her family for dinner at Espinos in Chesterfield Valley! We had such a great visit with them! And their sweet boys -- we really enjoyed them!

One of Chris' pics ha ha!
Shelly, Kevin, Drew and Bradley -- love them!!
I wish I could see my cousin more often...
The boys!


Tuesday morning, Mom and I left early to get to my grandparents in time for her to take my grandpa to his doctor appointment. While they were away, my grandma and I did some great visiting! I loved having that special time with her. When Mom and Grandpa got home, they came bearing lunch from McAllisters which we all shared!

That evening, my sweet hubby found a bakery to take me to that sells macaron cookies!!! After I ahd my first one a few weeks back and thought they were so yummy, it was time to try some more! They had so many to choose from, and I had a fun time picking out 16 to fill up my box!! Oh they were so so good! I have the best hubby!

Then, we met up with my cousin Katie at TGIF! My aunt Karen and uncle Steve were supposed to meet up as well, but some things came up that prevented them attending. We had a great evening catching up with Katie and hearing all her fun stories!

My pretty cousin! It was so good to see her!


On Wednesday, Chris and I enjoyed a delicious lunch at P.F. Changs -- mmmmm! From there, we stopped at a few stores on the way home, including a mega wine store!! Chris was in Heaven! We had fun walking the aisles and picking out goodies to sip!! Later that evening, we met up with my longest friend Amy! We went to Bravo, which was a great Italian place -- very impressed! We had a wonderful chat -- great evening!

Do you have any friends from 5th grade?? I feel pretty blessed to have Amy in my life!
 More to come!

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