December 18, 2016

St. Louis Post #3


On Thanksgiving morning, Chris and I headed to Chesterfield Mall for the annual Turkey Trot!

Chris' coach wanted him to run this 5k full out, and Chris went into it feeling strong -- he started out strong and ended strong too! He ended up coming in first in his age group!! Whoop whoop!! He was 25th overall, too! This was a great indication of his fitness and he was pumped!

The Master Spectator -- wearing Mom's earmuffs -- they were a lifesaver!!!
Right after the start line --
At the finish line, he was booking it! You can tell in his face that he was putting it all out there!
Go Chris go!!!!
With his medal! #1 in his age group!
This guy! He continues to amaze me over and over again! I love his tradition of doing the Turkey Trot each year...and I love watching him run!!

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