December 19, 2016

St. Louis Post #4


We had a delicious family Thanksgiving meal at my Mom and Randy's! My mom does a fantastic job every year preparing a delicious meal for us all...she works so hard!! She let me help a little this year, and Grandpa turned over the turkey carving job to her! We enjoyed each other while we ate, and then visited a little bit afterwards...soooo good having this time with my family!

Afterwards, I went to visit my Grandma Flo at her nursing home...we enjoyed a sweet little visit and it was good to catch up with her. Miss her!

I was excited to wear my Thankful tshirt that I bought specifically for this holiday!
Mom with her beautiful pumpkin pie!! Chris eats the
inside and I eat the crust...we have a good system going :)
Grandpa looking on as Mom carves the turkey...
after Grandpa went in the other room, Mom and I had a lot of good
laughs at her attempts to get the turkey legs off!!!!!!!!
My aunt Dori and cousin Kasey! This was a great surprise,
I haven't seen my aunt in many, many years!!!!
I love that I was able to capture this one of my sweet hubby
listening to one of my Grandma's stories...they are cute together!
My pretty Grandma Flo! Love you!

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