December 22, 2016

The San Antonio Half Marathon

Chris mentored another fun running group from work for the San Antonio run on December 4th! Most of the runners did the half marathon, and one guy did the full marathon. A few others even did the relay.

Saturday evening, we went to dinner with the group at Guillermo’s -- it was a fun place and our waitress was great! We had a family style meal of different pastas and sandwiches, including salad and drinks. Then we headed back to our hotel and rested for the next morning...and Chris got his racing stuff ready! Chris had a very solid plan, and had me write the times he was shooting for on each 5K within the half marathon on his wrist!

Sunday, we were up early and headed to the starting line. It wasn't raining at that time, but it started up not long after the start. It made for a bit of a miserable day for both the runners and the spectators :( I took my rain boots and should have worn feel were absolutely freezing after being in the cold and the rain all day. They changed up the course this year, and the starting line was one street over from our hotel! That was so much easier than normal! I was able to snap a quick photo of (most of) our group, and then everyone dispersed to their own starting corrals.

Katie and I (the spectators) headed to mile 3 so that we could see them come through there...and snapped some photos! Then we headed to the finish line and watched a lot of them come through there too. Chris ran exactly what he was wanting to run -- 1:25!!! This was a good test of where his fitness level is currently, and both he and his running coach were very excited with his time! I was so proud of him for making his plan, sticking to it, and being so successful!

Chris and his pre-race this!
His goals for each 5k of the half
The group of runners (some), before the race...some looking more thrilled than others!
The rainy conditions and the speed of my hubby made for some
poor photos unfortunately :) But here he is at mile 3!
I got a lot of use out of my new Stitch Fix vest -- thank goodness it
had a hood!! And my biiiiig umbrella saved the day! So cold.
And here he is at the finish line -- again, blurry...but he was booking it! 1:25 baby!
After the race, we waited around for the other runners to come through.
We were able to see quite a few of them, but we then had to get back to our
hotel to clean up and check out...and thaw out our feet!!!! BRRRRRRRR.
On our way home, we of course stopped in Fredericksburg for lunch! We went
all out and had all our favorites at the Brewery, especially the bread pudding!
Mr. Baber did it up right! Let's just say he had a belly ache the rest of the way home!

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