December 21, 2016

Bath Bombs!

Awhile back, my Bestie Kim and I decided that we wanted to make some homemade bath bombs! It was a fun and easy process and we had such a great time figuring it out together!

Though easy, it was a little bit of a persnickity process...each batch we made turned out a little different! We each made five batches, of different smells...some worked better than others!

This was Kim's first bomb! Ta da!
And this was my first bomb! Ta da ta da!
Kim and I during the process in all of our mess...
Our batches of bombs...all the pretty colors and smells!
As mentioned, it was somewhat persnickity -- example here!
A few of Kim's turned into blobs once they dried for some odd reason...we don't know why!
These were great gifts for us to give away...with a few to keep for ourselves too! Kim even sold some in her craft fair booth! They make the skin so soft! I'd love to make some more and try to fine tune the process...once the new year begins and things settle down a bit...

Yay bath bombs!!

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