January 17, 2017

A Tuesday that Wore me Out

:: I come to you this evening from Chris' iPad...because a sweet Poppy Sue is laying on my lap and I didn't want to disturb her again. I've been up and down all evening, doing loads of laundry. :)

:: Today we had sausage jambalaya for dinner with roasted zucchini and it was so yummy!!!!

:: Work was pretty insane today, but by 5:00 I felt like I made some really good progress thankfully. So I should feel better going in to tomorrow. We do have a VIP trip coming in so that will take a few hours of my day.

:: Chris got a new triathlon bike! It was delivered and he got it put together this evening. It's pretty awesome!!! He wants to push himself and try something new...the triathalon would definitely push him, with the swimming.

:: We started a New Year, New You workout contest at work on Monday, and it's been fun so far! We have to keep a food log, and then we get points for taking workout classes at work or doing out own workouts. There are a few teams who have already gotten so many points so it will be hard to catch up -- but it will be fun nonetheless!

:: Thursday is our Book Club and we are having a salad bar -- yum! Can't wait to see what our next book is. I'm nearing the end of Ove, and it has gotten better. But I still haven't loved it as much as I expected too. Boo.

:: Okay, time to relax...

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