January 09, 2017

Going Digital

So, I'm excited about some new developments that I've decided on!

As I was decluttering my scrapbook room over the weekend, I determined a few things:

1. I already have 33 albums; each one is 3 inches wide. That takes up a lot of space.

2. I'm only going to continue growing my collection. Eventually I will fill my whole house with albums!

3. Since we are wanting to downsize this year, space will be of-the-essence!

I'd been contemplating changing over to digital scrapbooking. But I didn't really want to do it on the computer. Enter Becky Higgins Project Life app on my phone!

I've been using this app for almost a year now, doing a weekly "In the Life" double page spread that includes fun things from our weeks. Coming up on February 15, I'll have a full year of pages in my album. I think that is a good time to stop that project. I've really enjoyed it and it has really made me fall in love with the Project Life app! The print quality of the pages is beautiful, too!

Then last week, Becky Higgins announced that her app is going to begin offering photo books!!!! This was a game changer for me. So I decided that, starting with 2017 photos and events, I will be going digital! I've already got the cover page + three additional pages done! And I'm currently caught up for the year so far!

Here are my thoughts:

1. The albums can hold up to 60 pages, and are only about 1/4 inch thick.

2. The print quality is amazing.

3. I will no longer have to spend time sizing and color correcting photos and getting them printed at Shutterfly (saving time and money).

4. I can do it all from my phone, which will mean I can do it more often and keep current with it. I can do it anywhere! Currently, I am only scrapbooking once a month (if that) at the crops. But I've mainly just been sizing photos for printing. Can't remember the last time I actually scrapbooked!

5. I take all of my photos with my phone, since our good camera is currently down with a nasty error. So everything will already be there, ready to be used.

6. I will save even more money because I won't have to purchase scrapbook albums, the page protectors for inside the albums, paper, or doodads/ribbons/etc. Wow! There will be a cost for the printing of the photo book, and to purchase any digital art. But in comparison, I think it will be a lot cheaper.

So excited to give this new method a try!!! I will continue scrapbooking the traditional way for 2016 and before. So, I need to get the remainder of 2016 finished, and then I have older photos (childhood) to work on, too. So there is still that, if and when I desire!

Here's to me, being open to change!! :)

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