January 10, 2017

Today's Thoughts

:: Becky Higgins photo books are now available! Super excited! Just 56 more pages to create and then I'll be ready to order my first one, ha ha!

:: Chris is having dinner with Kiki this evening...so glad for their friendship. Men really need other men to help them talk things through, especially in difficult times. I'm glad that they have that friendship.

:: This is Us is back on this evening and I am so excited to watch!!!

:: I should receive my moccasins from JC Penney today!! Can't wait to see them -- hope they fit and that I love them. And more importantly, that they are comfy!! The older I get, the more important that is!!! :)

:: I'm having lunch with Nadene on Thursday and am looking very forward to that!! Not sure where we are going yet, but just having that time with her will be nice. It's been awhile, and she does my heart good.

:: We found out about the winners for our next incentive trip at work. This year, the trip is to Costa Rica, and unfortunately we will not be on the guest list. Certainly I am bummed, but honestly I did not expect to win this year. So we are all good.

:: However, in big news, Chris and I have scheduled a CRUISE for our 10th ANNIVERSARY!!!!! We are so excited about it!! We're going in August; departing from Galveston and hitting Montego Bay and a few ports in Mexico. 7 days. Pure bliss. In the middle of the ocean with no cell service. We both need that. Looking so forward to celebrating 10 years with my sweet man!!!!

:: Tonight is zumba and I am ready! Love the hour long zumba class. Wish there were more to attend! I'd also love to attend some Barre classes, but only one place in Abilene offers them and it's during the workday.

That's about all I have for this day...plugging through until our three day weekend!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Cruise - lovely - 10 years - Whoo Hoo - PTS

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