January 22, 2017

Weekend Recap

:: Just got done cleaning a lot of the house...it gets SO DUSTY. Meh. I love a clean house, but it sure doesn't last very long!

:: Just painted my nails green for the week -- this is my favorite Essie polish -- First Timer.

:: Got the grocery shopping and laundry done today.

:: Chris is about to go pick up Nick, who will be working in town for the week. It's always fun when Nick is in town!

:: Chris and Nick are having a guy's dinner on Wednesday; I'm having a girl's night to see La La Land with Kim and Angie...sooooo excited to see La La Land!!!!

:: Saturday was the first 2017 crop, and it was at Kim's house. We had a fun day and I was very productive. I got caught up in my book journal, and then finished sizing all of my photos for 2016. I'm not all caught up (with the printing) and can begin digital moving forward. I put in the photo order with Shutterfly and should hopefully get they by the end of the week.

:: Saturday evening, Chris and I had gyros for dinner, and then ran by Penney's. I returned the moccasins (boo) and found a pair of brown flats that I liked. However, when I got them home and walked in them a bit, I decided the pointy toe wasn't going to work. So I decided to scratch the shoe idea, and after looking through my recently decluttered closet, determined that I needed a few casual winter tops. So I found a cute shirt (in gray and turquoise) and a sweater in turquoise. Gift card is officially spent!

:: Friday evening, we worked out after work and then decided to forego dining out and had leftovers at home. We enjoyed a very relaxed evening, and watched more of The 100. We have two episodes left in season 3. We aren't too sure about this season. We may or may not watch season 4, that is to be determined. They've taken the plot in a direction that we aren't really enjoying. Hmmmm.

:: This coming week should be pretty basic...looking forward to my girl's night, and then on Friday we are leaving work a little early and heading to Oklahoma for the Pitbull concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for that!!!!

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