February 13, 2017

longest day

Relaxation days are over...sadly! My scrapbook retreat was so much fun!! Four days of time to do exactly what I want, when I want...

I scrapbooked (about 80 pages!); I worked on organizing a scrapbook (2!) for the woman who hires me; I did a lot of reading (sometimes in bed!); I worked on some felting projects (a fun succulent plant and a little gnome); I ate lots of junk food; I slept great all nights; and I enjoyed the time with my friends. It was a perfect weekend!

We got back to Abilene around 8:00 pm...I unpacked and then Chris and I watched The Walking Dead.

Sadly, it seems that taking time off only means I am going to have to pay for it later. My Monday today was absolutely insane. Packed full and stressful. And then I had to grocery shop after work, get gas, pick up a Valentine gift, pick up dinner. Put groceries away, eat, and do a few loads of laundry.

Longest day ever.

So, for now, I'm about to go sit my little fanny down.

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