February 02, 2017

On the Mend

:: Today, I am feeling a little better...the meds are starting to work. I slept very well last night thankfully -- that was much needed! Hope it keeps improving.

:: Half a day left of work, and then a fun weekend ahead. Can't wait to tell you all about it! Follow me on Instagram to see us along the way...

:: While Chris is running for about 20 hours on Saturday, I will be in the truck passing time. I'll get to see him each 20 miles of the 100 miles, and in between those times I am going to: read books; read magazines; nap; knit; felt; watch movies; watch tv shows; and some more napping :) It is going to be an interesting day!!

:: I'm currently rewatching the 4 Reboot episodes of The Gilmore Girls. After reading Lauren Graham's book, I learned a few additional tidbits and felt like I had missed a lot of things. Now that I know what happens overall, I can watch more closely and pick up on the little things. I'm enjoying it.

:: And now it's time to relax...

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