February 01, 2017

Today I...

:: woke up feeling unrefreshed from a very fitful night of sleep, alone in the guest bedroom so as not to keep my hubby up all night. High point though -- headache was gone! Finally.

:: I went to see our nurse practitioner to see what I have going on -- sinus infection?? It seemed like more to me, because I have a little achy feeling and my throat is really sore and red. She took one look and thought for sure I had strep...but the strep and flu tests came back fine. So, she treated it liked a sinus infection. I got a short-term steroid shot, and two other drugs. I'll start those in the morning. Gotta kick this outta my system, I'm so tired of it.

:: I was part of a 2 hour VIP presentation...and we'll do the same thing the next four weeks, too.We are trying to streamline it down to take less time, but it is proving to be difficult -- there is so much stuff for us to cover.

:: I skipped my workout in favor of rest.

:: I blew my nose way more than one person ever should.

:: Made Mexican Lasagna for dinner -- tasty!

And now...I will see how the remainder of my evening goes, to determine if I can return to our bed instead of the guest bed. Fingers crossed!

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