March 16, 2017

C'mon Friday!!!

:: Tonight I went to Kim's Craft Night at work! This is the second one she's hosted, and she had a good turnout! There were 8 girls there, and she had them making a cute wreath made of tied fabric for Easter. Since I am decluttering, I didn't make one...I was there to help :) And enjoy the crazy ladies! Even though she didn't really need my help ha ha!!

:: I got my Fix for March today...meh meh...this is the second month that Kallie hasn't been able to style me. She was on vacation last month and it said she was unavailable this month. Not sure what that means. I miss her. I'll post what I received this month over the weekend. I won't be keeping any of it, sadly.

:: Tonight we are having turkey stuff bell's been awhile since we've had those, so I hope they are yummy!

:: Time to spend some time with my hubby! He just got home from a 2 hour bike ride. His triathalon training is TIME CONSUMING!!!!

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