March 18, 2017

Fix #19

I was excited to get another Fix! I knew as soon as I opened the box, though, that my normal stylist Kallie hadn't done this Fix. She was on vacation last month and for this Fix she was unavailable. :( I miss her. I really like having the same stylist every time. She has gotten to know my style well. This box was all subdued colors and Kallie knows my fondness for fun bright colors! Let's take a look. 

These ballet flats were ok. They were very comfy and I liked the blush color. The metallic toe was iffy and they were a tad big. But mainly I just can't handle that elastic trim. Ick ick ick. Plus, I had specifically asked for NO shoes this Fix. I think their shoes are a bit too pricey. So I'm not sure why these were sent. RETURNED. 

This shirt had potential. The fabric was super soft. The fit was nice. I'm a fan of polka dots and these were cute. Chris really isn't a fan of them though so I try to wear them sparingly. Two things kept me from keeping this shirt. One, I am not a fan of that acid wash look. Looks very sloppy. Two, this kind of fabric would easily look rumpled and I do not iron. RETURNED. 

This was a cute dress. I liked the racer back and the style. I also like that it is lined. I did not like this pattern though or the colors. Another unfortunate thing is that I couldn't even get it on. It was too slim in the chest. RETURNED. 

I have a bold note in my profile that asks for NO cream because of my pale skin. Hm. This fabric was weird. The polka dot style was weird. The fit was too boxy. RETURNED. 

This maxi dress was ok. When on, the gray top showed too many bumps from my bra. I like that the skirt was lined. Not a fan of these colors. Also I already have this exact dress in another color and I don't need two of the same dress. RETURNED. 

So. This Fix was a bust. I still love Stitch Fix though; every time can't be a success. I am very hopeful to have Kallie next month!!

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