March 19, 2017

Weekend Recap

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:: On Friday, Chris and Mimi left town around 2:00 and headed to Oklahoma for their gambling weekend! This was Mimi's Christmas present...she loves to gamble those slot machines! They picked a weekend when Willie Nelson was going to be there in concert, so there were able to enjoy that too! Good old Willie, he is 84 and put on a good show for them! Mimi loved it, and bought a concert t-shirt too! They gambled and both ended up coming home breaking no big losses but no big wins either. They enjoyed their trip and their time together.

:: Friday evening, I went to the movies with the Marketing girls (+ Nadene and Tucker). We saw The Shack and it was really good. We all really enjoyed it. Then I headed home to spend some time with the puppers.

:: Saturday was the crop at Kim's ended up being a small group, and we enjoyed the day! It was me, Kim and Shelby for the majority of the day. Paula was able to come for about an hour. I worked on our Colorado/Pikes Peak Marathon album...and was able to get a ton done!! Very productive day.

:: Saturday evening, I picked up some sushi on my way home and spent the evening with the pups watching New Girl and scrapbooking in my scrapbook-for-hire. So it was a productive evening too!

:: Sunday, I picked up groceries and then did the meal prep for the week. Chris and Mimi got home around 2:30 and I enjoyed hearing about their trip. Now Chris is off on a 2 hour bike ride...he had no days of rest this week and is feeling pretty beat. We'll see what the new week of training looks like.

:: The week ahead -- I'm getting my hair done Monday evening, and we are having dinner with Chris' boss, Jay, Wednesday evening. Thursday evening is Book Club, and will be at our house. The best part -- we have no VIP trip this week!!!!!! Ahhhh.

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