March 20, 2017

Monday Funday

:: Back to work we went...the day was pretty decent. I got a lot done, and enjoyed my peeps.

:: After work, I went to get my hair I'm all pretty and young again!

:: New Girl -- it makes me laugh...glad I chose this show. I was in need of some lighthearted fun!

:: Today I began week 2 of my Food Freedom Reset. I continue to struggle with being 100% all in or 100% all out. I need to find some happy medium ground. With my Food Freedom plan that I set a few months back, I am now working on a reset. Instead of doing a Whole 30 every time I get off track, it's just a reset with rules of my own making that lasts for as long as it takes for me to feel in control again. I think two weeks, but it may be more or less. After so many Whole 30s, I honestly started feeling back in control after about three days. Once I have a grasp on health again, I can work to stay in my maintenance phase longer.

:: We enjoyed some beautiful weather here today! It got up to 88 degrees and was just lovely and sunny. We are supposed to have a gorgeous week.

:: I was able to get all of our Colorado/Pikes Peak scrapbook layed out! Now I just need to work on the journaling. Loving this digital process!! I have accomplished so much already. This one is super cute, can't wait to see it! We have gorgeous photos from this trip!

:: Tomorrow is zumba and I can't wait!!!!!!

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