March 13, 2017


:: In my opinion...Monday comes around way, way too quickly.

:: Work was steady and busy but thankfully not overly stressful. Thankful for that.

:: Tonight's dinner is chicken nuggets, roasted potatoes, and roasted broccoli...hope Chris gets home from his swim workout soooooon because I am hungry!

:: Loving that it's staying light later...but it wasn't too easy getting up in the pitch black this morning! It's weird how one hour can affect a body!

:: New Girl is cracking me up!! She is such a kook!!

:: It's taking me awhile to get into The Last Anniversary -- not because it isn't good, just because she always has so many characters and it takes awhile to figure out who they are. We're starting to get somewhere now...

:: Time to sign off now...I need to work on some scrapbook pages!

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