March 27, 2017

Hi there!

:: I was able to mark a lot of items off of my to-do list today and work, and that felt good. Sadly, new things are always added to said list so it's a never ending cycle!

:: Last night I painted my nails a pretty peachy-orange's very Springy! Liking it.

:: The Walking Dead was interesting last night. This season has been kind of boring for me, I am sad to say. This coming Sunday is the season finale, and I am sort of glad. It will be an hour and a half, and I am sure it will be very intense. They're going after Negan, and I believe he is in the comic books for quite I'm pretty sure they won't be successful and it all seems to be for naught. Things have been ramping up so slowly and the characters are so spread out that it is taking forever to get the story told. Hmm. We shall see how the finale goes.

:: Mama Bird has built herself quite a nest outside my scrapbook window...I hope she has eggs soon!! Can't wait to watch it all.

:: Everything is in full bloom here...our rose bushes has pretty roses...the mesquite trees are all neon lime green and glowing...we didn't have much of a Winter at all, which kind of worries me for our Summer. It could very well be unbearable.

:: I forgot my workout clothes today...realized it at 5:15 when I pulled open the desk drawer where I usually store my bag. Whoops. So, I came home and found a zumba workout on YouTube and did it in our bedroom. That was fun! Zumba is difficult to do on carpet a good calf workout in!

:: I am reading The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty right now...I really like her. It's going good so far. I'm about halfway done and things are getting interesting! Our next book club book should be good gotta get this one done soon!

:: Many people at work are amping up for the Incentive Trip to Costa Rica that occurs next week. No, we are not going. Yes, we are sad. But, I am looking quite forward to a very quiet week back at the office with everyone gone!!! Maybe we'll have a pizza party!!

:: Well, that's about all I know...bye for now!

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