March 28, 2017

Just a Day

:: There were some tornado warnings near us today...that is a bit odd. I've lived here for about 16 years, and I don't ever remember hearing about tornadoes nearby. Luckily, it went North and missed us.

:: Zumba was a lot of fun wore me out!

:: I'm working my way through season three of New Girl...still laughing!

:: Today I got a copy of Chip and Joanna Gaines new magazine..hmmm...that just drives me crazy a little bit. They are everywhere. Everywhere. There comes a point when it's just too much. Why can't people just focus on one thing and be great at that? Why do they have to try to dip their toe into every single market that's out there? Meh.

:: Chris is doing a long ride/run workout this evening...won't be done until about 8:15. 

:: Not too much else to put out there today...

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