March 29, 2017

Happy Hump Day

:: Tonight I started lifting weights's been quite awhile! It felt GOOD! I know I'll be sore tomorrow!

:: While everyone is getting ready to leave for the incentive trip (it's half our department), those of us who are sticking around to hold down the fort are in hard planning for a SNACK DAY on Monday!! Everyone is going to bring something and it's going to be yummy! All day snacking! Queso and salsa and guacamole and pizza rolls and veggie tray, etc etc!!! Then there is rumor that the company is hosting a Pizza Lunch on Friday for everyone in the building. Whoop!

:: We had some strong wind last night...luckily it didn't do any damage. Our patio furniture did some flying though! Mama Bird survived the wind thankfully...she was neatly tucked into her nest this morning.

:: I recently ordered some FREEBIES from Shutterfly -- it was a great deal. I got a custom mousepad and a custom phone case for free and just had to pay the shipping. Not too bad! $55 worth of free stuff! I received the mousepad today and it is so pretty! I chose a photo of a beautiful glass sculpture that my mom and I saw on our Mother/Daughter trip to San Antonio. I love it, the colors are so bright and fun!! I can't wait to see my phone case now. Should arrive soon!

:: Ocho's tail is still about the same, but it does swing up every so often. He is still able to wag it which is good! It will be a slow heal I think. Poor guy.

:: I need to do a little scrapbooking tonight -- well, and every night for awhile!! I saw her yesterday and she said that she has MORE stuff to give me. Endless work! :)

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