March 02, 2017

Just a Quickie

:: I received my next batch of Rodan & Fields face regimen today! I am nearly done with the Brightening regimen and will next start the Lightening regimen. I've seen some results with the first batch; I am hoping that this Lightening batch really begins to work miracles!!

:: I placed an order on Amazon today for some real felting tools! I got a set of good felting needles, as well as a good mat. Now to decide what to make next! I want to make some original goodies to try and sell in my shop! Any ideas on what you'd be interested in seeing?

:: Chris is having dinner with his boss this evening...and then he has to do a long bike ride on the trainer. His triathalon training is a doozy! Week one and he is pretty wiped out. Lots of workouts happening.

:: I'm spending the evening catching up on some Grey's's been awhile.

:: Tomorrow is casual day!! And we found out that we have casual WEEK next week!!! Whoop!! In addition, we have NO VIPs coming in next week. I feel happy.

:: That's the extent of what I have in my brain right now...

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