April 03, 2017


It was an interesting day today...

:: We've been on the past few incentive trips through work, so honestly it does feel a tad odd to be at work this week. I hope that everyone has a great time in Costa Rica!

:: Being at work this week, those of us remaining (which is half my department) are trying to have some fun of our own!! Today we had a Food Day and we all brought in goodies to share...queso and guacamole and salsa and chips; sausage balls; pizza rolls; veggies and fruit. We all nibbled on it all day long and I enjoyed that! We are also (as a whole company) going to have a pizza lunch on Friday...

:: With half of our department on the trip, that leaves had a bit of a short-handed nature to the day. We all had to fill in where needed. It's always interesting to step into someone else's shoes.

:: The technology gremlins were at work, to be sure...we need to be checking Allison's email all week, and her monitor wouldn't work. It was 3:00 before we got that fixed. Our big printer, Big Mamma, got a system error and Xerox support had to be called in; and company-wise, ATT was having issues and we couldn't receive local phone calls for awhile. After awhile, you just have to laugh.

:: So....tomorrow is Day 2. What fun things will we face??? We shall see.

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