April 25, 2017


So...still waiting to hear the news on my laptop. Fingers crossed. That leaves me here on my phone though, which is a small screen for blogging. I'll do my best.

Today was our annual Shareholders meeting at work, so from 10:00 - 2:30 we were occupied with that. It was a nice meeting and lunch was delicious! Tomorrow I need to work on catching up on all my work.

I made a Teavana order today! On our weekend trip, we visited a Teavana store and I bought their new tea brewer. Love it! For signing up they gave me a $10 coupon so I got a few different teas. Can't wait to get it!

Tomorrow I should get my next Fix!!!

Chris is off to New Mexico tomorrow. I'm going to go spend a few of my gift cards tomorrow evening ;) A little meandering is in order!

That's all I've got right now ;)

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