April 26, 2017

Moving Through the Week

:: Chris is safely in New Mexico, in the land of meetings...it will just be one night away, so that isn't too bad. I will see him tomorrow!

:: This evening I hope to find some block heel shoes at Target with my gift card! I'm looking forward to meandering. This evening, I am also going to take a bath with one of my new Lush bath bombs! I typically don't take a lot of baths (I'm more of a morning shower girl), because Chris takes one every night to soothe his sore leg muscles...there isn't enough hot water for us both! So when he is away, I always take advantage :) Looking forward to the fizz! I'll also be enjoying my leftovers from Szcheun -- pork fried rice...mmmmm!

:: Not much else to report...still waiting on the laptop...tomorrow is book club...I'm still enjoying my ice cream cake!!

:: Starting Monday, it is three months until our 10 year anniversary cruise! So I am starting on a healthy eating kick so I can feel confident! Chris is in intense training mode, so he wants to tighten it up too. So I am enjoying the rest of this week and then getting down to business!

That's it for today!

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