May 15, 2017

Weekend Recap (A Day Late) :)

Hello there!

I snagged Chris' laptop before he could get settled using it this evening! So I have a quick moment to get a post out there!!

Our weekend was good:

:: Friday evening, Chris had a very long swim workout. We spent a lot of the evening at the YMCA and it was good to see him improving so much in the water! Yay! Then we went to dinner at a Mexican place we hadn't tried yet called Don Luis. It was ok. I don't think we'll be going back there anytime soon, especially since his belly hurt that night. We then came home and I finished watching the last episode of Thirteen Reasons Why. That was a dang intense Netflix series. I'm going to need to find something light and funny to watch for awhile now.

:: Saturday morning, I ran a few errands. I stopped by the jewelry store downtown to have them tighten up the prongs around my diamond. All good now! I also had them replace batteries in two of my nice watches, so I can wear those again now too! Afterwards, I stopped by Kim's house to give Kelsey her wedding shower gift. I unfortunately had to miss her shower due to our last minute trip to St. Louis recently, so it was fun to give the gift to her one on one. I think she liked it! Chris did his lengthy workout, and I did some scrapbook pages for my scrapbook-for-hire. That evening, we had dinner at Wing Stop -- my choice, and I use it as a trigger letting me know that a Whole 30 is coming! It was delicious! We even stopped for Nikki's frozen yogurt afterwards. Mmm.

:: Sunday, we had a nice Mother's Day here! I missed hugging my sweet mom but it was good to talk to her! Aspen came over and we all went to lunch at Cotton Patch -- they were crowded but we oddly didn't have to wait very long! They even gave us ladies some carnations when we left! The rest of the day was workouts and meal prep and relaxing. Chris tried on his wetsuit and got in our pool for a bit so he could practice taking it off while wet. Lots of odd things to practice on for a triathalon!

:: Monday, Chris had to do the 1.2 mile swim that he'll be doing in his upcoming race. He had to swim it straight through, in his wetsuit. This was a great indicator of his fitness, and he thought it would take him about an hour or so. He was so pumped because it only took him 44 minutes!!! So, he is thrilled with how his training is going, to say the least!

:: I had lunch today with Kim and my sweet friend Terry, who recently lost her husband. It was so good to see her and hug her, and hear some of what she's been going through the last week. Such a not-fun place to heart goes out to her.

:: As mentioned above, I started a Whole30 today -- and to be honest, I am pretty sure I am going to make it a Whole60! My clothes don't fit, I am out of shape, and I have a cruise coming up in August. Gotta get serious. Day one has been fantastic!!!

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