June 27, 2017

Crazy Tuesday!

:: This morning, I woke up and was so out of it...I had slept so hard and I was disoriented for awhile. Not sure why! It was kind of odd.

:: Work was good...still working ahead to get ready for our cruise!

:: Still working to get the tile guy out here! He was supposed to come this afternoon to look at what we need and give us a quote...but he got tied up at his project and now says it will be tomorrow morning. We shall see. Some things seem to be like pulling teeth!

:: I got my hair done this evening, so now I am all purty once again :) It's always good to catch up with Kasi -- she's a hoot!

:: It's been a busy week playing catch up from being gone over the weekend. Laundry and errands. Always makes for a long week, but I'm marking things off my list so that is good!

:: I sold some more Poshmark items! Keep those sales coming!!

:: Between laundry loads, I think I am going to go R E L A X!!!!

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