June 28, 2017

Wednesday Ramblings

:: Found out that we get casual day tomorrow! And Friday too -- Friday is our monthly luncheon at work, and we are having Hashi, which is a yummy Japanese place here in town. Mmmm!

:: Today was Day 45 of my Whole60 -- it's going great! I'm 5 pounds from my goal weight now and fitting into most of my clothing. Whoop!!!!!!

:: Today I had to pick up prescriptions after work, get my allergy shot, and do my workout...then make dinner...oh meal prep -- where are you!!!!!!!? I made Chris one of his faves tonight, since he isn't on his healthy eating for training currently. He enjoyed it!

:: I made an oops with two of my Poshmark orders...whoops!! I had two orders going out on the same day, and I mixed up the shipping labels. I feel so badly!!! They are getting the shipping figured out so all is good though.

:: I'm nearing the end of my energy for Wednesday...time to say goodnight for now...

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