July 02, 2017

Weekend Recap

It's been a good weekend here! And then, we will work tomorrow, and then be off on Tuesday for the 4th of July!! Looking very forward to that!!!

:: Friday evening, Chris and I had sushi for dinner and it was yummy! Then we headed home to relax a bit.

:: Saturday was a full day of errands and hanging out with my hubby...and then another relaxing evening. Much needed!

:: Sunday, I picked up my groceries and hit a few other stores...then came home to do a simple meal prep and the laundry. We've been able to relax a lot this weekend, and I am happy for that. I may get in the pool here in a little bit!

:: The week ahead -- tomorrow is Chris' 43rd birthday!!! We will be going out to dinner to celebrate, and will then come back to the house for chocolate cherry cake! Mmm (no, I won't be eating any booooo). My mom's recipe has swiftly become the favorite of everyone in the family! Tuesday, we will enjoy a relaxing holiday off work. Thursday is book club -- I'll need to refresh on the book because I have read another whole book and started another since finishing that one! And I will also continue on with my Whole60, which is going great!!! Monday will be Day 50.

Hope you all have a fun and safe holiday!!

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Anonymous said...

And I thought I was the only person working tomorrow :-). Should be quiet - that is the plus for going in! Have a nice BDay Chris. PTS

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