June 08, 2017

It's Friday Jr.!

:: So, our summer wellness challenge starts on Monday...I don't have my plan yet from the wellness director, but I do know that it is going to include bumping up my cardio from 30 minutes each time to 45 minutes. So this week, I have been adding the Tim Erin to my cardio to get a feel for it. It's just 15 minutes...but whew!! It is wearing me out!!!

:: Chris is currently at th Y swimming and then doing a weight workout. This is his last intense week, and then starting Monday he will begin a two week taper -- he'll still be doing quite a bit since it is technically three sports in one...but I assume they'll be less intense and shorter too. We shall see. Last night, he fell off the treadmill during his workout and hit his back...everything seems to be fine but we're watching it. Oi.

:: We have a painter coming out on Tuesday so we can show him what we need done, and he'll give us an estimate. Then we can put him to work!! First phase of getting stuff done!

:: Tonight I tried frozen blueberries topped with some almond milk...mmm mmmmm! It gave the blueberries a frozen covering and it was so delicious! I'll be having that more often!

:: Last night, I ordered the wedding album that I made for my friend Jyl! I can't wait to receive it. The wedding photos were absolutely gorgeous, so I cannot wait to see how the book turns out. She is going to gift it to her daughter for their one year anniversary coming up. I hope it is beautiful!!!!

:: In my scrapbook world, I have finished my first 60 page album and need to get it printed. I've started on my second album for 2017. Completely loving this whole process. Completely caught up and up-to-date. So awesome.

:: I think as I wait for Chris to get home this evening, I will head outside and relax by the pool...it's a beautiful evening!

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