June 11, 2017

Weekend Recap

:: Friday, Chris had a long bike ride workout...so I worked out and then headed home. We decided to eat at home since it was later in the evening, and then we watched a few episodes of The 100 season 4, which just released on Netflix!

:: Saturday, I did some chores and Chris had a very long workout. Afterwards, he was spent...and while we were still supposed to head out to the lake so he could finish it off with a lake swim (and me in the kayak), he listened to his body and decided to cut the swim. It was super windy, so I was kind of glad -- the kayak would have been difficult!! That evening, we went to dinner at Chili's, and then stopped at Lowes for a few things. Then we got home and did some thing around the house to fine tune for getting it on the market -- replaced a blind that was broken, painted some things, etc. Felt good to mark things off the list!

:: Sunday, I picked up the groceries and then did the meal prep for next week. Then I cleaned the house. Whew, I am pooped!!! Chris planted some things we got at Lowes, around the pool area. It looks very pretty! Then I cooked a quick dinner and now Chris is enjoying a Coke Float :)

:: I plan to sit on my bootie for the rest of the evening!!!

:: Tomorrow, I am having allergy testing done, and then I will begin getting weekly allergy shots again. Since I have been so bad lately, it is time. I'm looking forward to some relief.

:: Chris' boss is in town this week, so we will most likely have dinner with him on Thursday.

:: Saturday -- we are so super excited for my aunt, uncle, cousin and hubby to come visit us for the day!!!!!! We are going to relax and hang out by the pool, and possibly order some pizza. Can't wait!!!!

For now...I must veg.

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