June 06, 2017

My day

:: Chris had a very long workout this evening...quite a lot of time spent in the pool, and then home to bike on the trainer for an hour. Almost 9:00 and he is just now getting to eat dinner. He's a machine!

:: I posted some more items on Poshmark...c'mon and sell sell sell! I need to get rid of this stuff and a little extra money would be nice!

:: If you follow me on Instgram, you probably saw my post about my VIP status at Chris' upcoming IronMan race!! I will be 1 of 10 people who get to be at the swim start line, get great parking, get a free lunch, get driven onto the bike course on a motorcycle so I can see Chris ride, and get to put his medal on at the finish line!!! So so fun, I can't wait! Chris was so sweet to sign me up for this...for a cost, of course!! But so worth it!

:: This evening was Zumba, and we had a full class which was nice! I'd love to find a Barre class to take somewhere. Also, one of our hospital wellness centers in town has a Pilates studio and I'd be interested in trying that too. Maybe soon.

:: We are doing a wellness challenge at work for the summer with our new wellness director, and for it we each have to come up with our own goals. Then we meet with her and she is going to help us each reach those goals. I met with her this afternoon and we came up with a plan to start with. My short term goal is to finish the Whole 60 I am currently on, which should get me back down to the weight I want to be and will get me back into all of my clothes again.Yay! Long term goals, I need her help in staying accountable and maintaining this, instead of yoyoing back and forth. I am tired of losing/regaining the same 10 (15) pounds. She is also going to work up a workout plan for me to get me out of my cardio machine rut...that is all I do and I know I need to incorporate more weights. So...I am excited. Challenge starts Monday.

:: Time to chat with hubby and then call it a day!

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