June 05, 2017


...I ate my normal breakfast...hard boiled eggs, black olives and carrots.

...I added some more items to my Poshmark shop...let's sell more!!! I've made about $150 so far!

...I watched Chris fly around the yard getting the grass cut...he is the fastest in Texas! Still took him two hours though.

...Aspen came to visit for a few hours this evening...

...some friends came over and took our little extra freezer that we've had in the garage...yay! Getting rid of stuff!!!!

...work was productive...being casual is always preferred! Four days to go!

...I discussed with my aunt Sandy their upcoming day trip out to our house! So excited to relax with them and for them to meet Chris! We are also excited to meet my cousin Raychel's new hubby!

...I was pleased to see I have lost 7.5 pounds so far! I'm in the 4th week of Whole 30 -- then another 30 to go!

...I had so much energy for my evening workout! And then I pooped out quick! But it felt good.

...I showed my friend Jyl the wedding scrapbook I've been working on for her daughter...she loved it! Just a few edits to get made...then I can get it printed and delivered! Yeppers -- I am doing it all in the phone app!!

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