June 04, 2017

Weekend Recap

Hello there...here we are at Sunday evening...again.

:: Chris got home from his Denver trip on Friday around 4:00...once 5:00 hit, we headed to the YMCA for him to get his long swim workout in before we enjoyed a nice dinner together. The Y was busy, but he was able to get the swim in. It took about an hour and a half. Then we headed to eat at Lucy's burgers. It started to put down rain while we were there, so we waited it out and then headed home.

:: Saturday, after sleeping in a little bit, Chris had a three hour bike ride followed by a 90 minute run.Whew. Around 2:15, I headed over to Kim's house so I could take photos of Kelsey and her girls getting ready for the big wedding! I had fun doing that for about two hours and then they headed off to the wedding venue. I came home and when Chris was ready, we made our way to the wedding venue -- The Meadows at Creative. It was a very pretty place and Kim and Gary had decorated it so well. It all turned out so beautiful! All of their hard work definitely paid off. Kelsey was a beautiful bride, and it was amazing to see her become a married woman. A wonderful evening!

:: Sunday, again after sleeping in a bit, I made the family some pancakes and then Chris and I picked up our grocery order and stopped at Academy to get an inflatible kayak. He needed to do a lake swim, and would feel better having me out there next to him in the water in case something went wrong. He had a 50 minute solid swim, and he did great! That's the longest he's gone in one stretch before. Then he had an additional 20 minutes. He felt very good about it! The kayak was fun! I got quite a workout in myself and know that I will be very sore in the morning! I also have some lovely blisters on my hands from all my hard work. Still...lots of fun, and a beautiful day together.

:: Before we headed out to the lake though, I did all of the meal prep for the week...without realizing it, I did kind of an intensive menu and it took awhile and also created a ton of dishes. Geez. But...so very happy that the cooking is done for the week. Makes my week so much happier.

:: Currently, it is raining, and our electricity is out. :( It needs to come on soon or else I won't be posting this! Also, I have a load of laundry in mid-cycle that is currently stopped. Meh.

:: The weekend ahead -- we get to enjoy a full week of casual dress whoop!! Beyond that, it should be a pretty straightforward week hopefully. Hope you all have a great one!

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