June 01, 2017

Missing My Hubby

:: Today, I missed my hubby and my bestie! Chris had his meeting in Denver (he rocked it, I knew he would!!!!) and Kim is off work so she can get everything for the wedding!

:: Chris is currently at dinner, eating some pasta...at some point between now and morning, he'll probably be getting on the road back to home! He said he might leave around 5 am or so. We shall see. I'm ready to have him home!!

:: This evening was book club and it was fun discussing our book. Some people liked the letter format and some did not. Our next book is going to be Land of Silence...not sure what it is about yet!

:: I should be able to finish My Sunshine Away this evening...hmmmmm.

:: That's about all I've got to share tonight...I'm ready to relax!

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Anonymous said...

He shall be home soon! Enjoy a little more Kel time and then he will be there! PTS

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