May 31, 2017

An Ordinary Hump Day

:: Chris took off this morning for his Denver trip...he decided at the last minute that he really wanted to drive instead of fly. He's an odd duck! It's about a 10 hour drive...he was really looking forward to the alone time in the car with his thoughts. He should arrive in a few hours. Please pray for his meeting tomorrow -- I know he is going to do fantastic!!

:: We had VIPs in this afternoon, and it went well...they were a good, attentive group which is always good! We even got done by 5:00, which is soooo nice! It's usually about 6:00!!

:: I ran a few errands after work -- I needed to get Poppy some food at PetSmart, and also ran by the Natural Food Store (they were closed on Monday when I went by there) to get me some snacks. Now it's time to relax :)

:: Still in search of a new Netflix show...nothing is hitting me. As for books, My Sunshine Away has been interesting. I really enjoyed the first 1/3, and the second 1/3 has been a little different. We'll see how the final 1/3 goes before I make a final determination.

:: Book Club is tomorrow -- I look forward to discussing this month's book -- I really enjoyed the story! We are having a salad bar so I should even be fine with my Whole60 food needs :)

:: Since Chris is out of town -- you know what that means! I'm going to go take a bath with one of my bath bombs!!!! Whoop!! Since he takes a bath every evening (I'm more of a morning shower girl), I never want to use up his hot water :) Again -- whoop!!!

:: That's about all I've got for bye!

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