May 30, 2017

Start of a Short Week

:: Yay for long weekends -- they give us short weeks! Here's to a Tuesday that felt like a Monday all day long! So much in fact, we all forgot to put the big trash can down for our trash pick up today. Whoops!

:: Last night I made a yummy new recipe...and tonight I made another one! Both so good. Both clean and healthy! Both approved by all members of the family. Success! Last night's was similar to a jambalaya -- it has shrimp and sausage and onion and bell pepper. Tonight's was hamburger with a sloppy joe sauce, put on top of a baked potato. Mmmmmm!!

:: My Whole 60 is going well! I'm on day 14, and moving right along. About halfway through the first 30. I'm feeling good and nourished and getting back to basics.

:: We are doing our annual summer fitness contest at work, and it's going to be a little different this year. We have a new fitness director and they are doing more of a challenge than a contest. It entails meeting with her and our nurse practioner to discuss our own personal, individual goals -- whether that is nutrition or exercise or both -- and they will come up with a personalized plan for just us. We'll have to do food/workout logs and according to how successful you are at following your plan, you can get extra days off, or extra casual days. Fun! I need to give some thought to what exactly I'm going to focus on. I am excited to meet with them. My thoughts now are that I will finish out the Whole 60 and then I need help with maintenance...that is my downfall. You all know that I am 100% great or 100% bad! Fitness-wise, I need some kind of plan to get tone. My workouts are just Willy nilly and mostly focus on cardio. I will keep you posted!

:: Time for some relaxing now...gotta give my brain a little rest.

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