May 29, 2017

Great Long Weekend

We've had a very nice, long weekend! I hope that yours was good too!

:: Friday after work, Chris and I went to Chili's for dinner and used a gift card to pay :) Free food is the best! Then we relaxed and packed for our little getaway.

:: Saturday morning, we got up early and headed to Lubbock. Chris had two very specific workouts from Adsy to do there, on the actual course he'll be doing his upcoming triathalon on. We headed straight to Buffalo Springs Lake when we arrived, and found the area that will be the transition area for the race. The lake swim starts and ends here, the bike portion starts and ends here, and the run starts and ends here. We got a map of the lake and now we both have a really good feel for how things will be that day.

:: So, first up -- his Saturday workout involved a 2 hour bike ride, followed immediately by a 20 minute run. He took off on the bike, and I settled in for a nice relaxing time of reading in the truck with the windows down and the breeze flowing. Being the holiday weekend, the lake was packed! So many boats and jet skis and campers. So it was festive with music and lots of people. About 20 minutes later, I go a text from Chris saying that he had a flat tire on his bike. So off I went to find him, and he was able to change his tire out. It turns out that when he put this new tube on (after his fla from the weekend before), a bit of it had gotten pinched -- which caused the flat. Filled with a little frustration, he took off to finish the remainder of his ride and I headed back to our spot at the lake. Everything went well and he arrived back safely -- then he switched into his running shoes and took off for his run. It was a good workout for him, and he got to witness a lot of the course. He was happy!

:: From there, we headed to a late lunch! We ate at Torchy's Tacos for the first time, and it was pretty decent. Then we tried, and failed, to find some fun things to do in town...and finally ended up at a coffee shop called Sugar Browns. Chris enjoyed some iced coffee and a piece of lemon cake there while we relaxed. Then we went back to the hotel to relax for a bit. A little later, we headed out for a late dinner at Italian Garden -- again, tasty!!

:: Sunday morning, we got up and headed back to the lake for Chris' second workout. For this day, he had a 40 minute swim, a 75 minute bike ride and a 30 minute run -- a great simulation of race day with all three events right in a row. This was his first time swimming in a lake, in his wetsuit. So it was great practice, because it is very different. The swim, bike and run went great! He was so thrilled with the workout. I had a great few hours of reading in the car :) Afterwards, we had lunch at BJ's and then visited the Llano Winery. After some relaxing time there, we headed home to see our pups!

:: We were so excited to have Monday off for the holiday!!! Ahhh. We slept in and then did some things around the house. Chris worked on cleaning up our third garage and I worked on deep cleaning our spare bedroom (Aspen's old room) and beginning to get it staged for showing. Looks much better now! Chris helped me in there by doing some steam cleaning of the carpet. Whoop! Moving right along. I also loaded up some more items to the Poshmark site...I sold two more things! I'm hoping to sell more!

Now, we are winding down and getting ready to go back to work tomorrow...a short week thankfully!! Chris will be doing some traveling during the workweek, and we have a very special wedding to attend on Saturday!!

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