May 25, 2017


We took a step in the direction of our future...

I mentioned awhile back that we were thinking about selling our house and downsizing quite a bit. Our house at this point in our life just has more space than we need and it takes a lot of time to clean it and maintain the 1.5 acre lot. We've been talking about it for months, and made a list of everything we feel needs to be done to the house before we put it on the market. That list worked to overwhelm us both and put us into a state of paralysis, and here we are months laters not much farther down the path.

So, Chris decided to contact our realtor, Teri, and have her come over and take a look at things. Hopefully to get us past the point of no action.

She came over this evening, with her partner Shanda...we looked over the whole house and yard and chatted a bit. They agreed with some things on our list and said some of it doesn't need to be done until after we get it on the market. And some can wait to see if a buyer requests for it to be done. They were very complimentary of the house and when she asked what price Chris was thinking, her number was actually higher. So that was good news!

She has people she can contact to come help us get things on our list done. Chris has run into the problem of calling companies to help us with things and they won't return his calls. That's so frustrating! And with his triathalon training, he has zero time to work on any of it. To have a few people come in and knock out the majority of our list -- yes please!!!

Chris is going to send Teri his list, and we'll go from there. She thinks we should try to get the house on the market by mid-June, as that is when the military families start to be on the move. So we will see where this path takes us...

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