June 22, 2017

Nearing Time for Tri

:: We are oh so close to our journey to Lubbock for the Ironman Buffalo Springs Lake Half Triathlon!!! We work tomorrow, leave a little early, and drive the 2.5 hours there. Please continue to say some prayers for Chris' left calf -- he needs it to heal by Sunday!!!

:: I received the one-piece swimsuit I ordered from www.cupshe.com. I didn't love it unfortunately. The pattern was a little too busy in person, and the colors weren't quite what the website showed. It also had some lace ups along the side that I didn't notice in the photo. Hmm. I emailed them about returning it, and they said they would credit me 100% for the suit so that I could get something different in its place -- and I don't have to return the other suit. Hmmmm! So I will try to sell that one I suppose. Interesting return policy, I thought. It is obviously not an American company because the customer service email was quite funny!

:: Today I received my Teavana order...three flavors! I got another Strawberry Lemonade -- I liked that one. Then I am trying two new flavors. Their tea is soooo good. Mmmm.

:: Tonight the family is having crockpot lasagna and I'm going to have some leftover fish and potatoes...all should be tasty! Tomorrow is Day 40 I believe...traveling this weekend should be interesting...but I somehow always make it work. I have all my healthy snacks ready to go!

:: The book I am reading, Stillwater Lake, is really good! It is a Kindle First book, and it's very suspenseful. I'm about 70% into it so far, and can't wait to see how it ends!!!

:: Not much else to report...ta ta for now!!!

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