June 25, 2017


WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you followed along with us on my Instagram or Facebook accounts, you've seen lots of photos from our weekend in Lubbock -- it was amazing!! I will be back this coming week to tell you all about it!! My husband rocked his first half Ironman!!!

For now...we arrived home this evening at 7:00, put everything away, ate a quick dinner, and have been getting our stuff ready for the week ahead. I just got done putting in my grocery order so I can just pick it up tomorrow after work. I'll also be doing laundry...it's always fun to go away for the weekend, but it does suck playing catch up during the work week!

Aspen was a big help to Chris -- she came over and cut the grass for him today! We are scheduled for the house photos this Wednesday...hopefully! Still waiting on the cement guy and the tile guy. Getting closer though!

I need to try on my Stitch Fix items and decide on those...and then I am going to fall into bed. I have been up since 3:30 am this morning, with a very, very full fun day! I'm exhausted!!!

Stay tuned!

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