June 20, 2017

:: Today, the painters finished up their work! All the painting and staining is now done and paid. It's looking fresh and nice now!

:: Still waiting on the cement guy and are in need of a tile guy. Getting closer every day!

:: I had an anxiety moment today...they come every now and then, but I've mostly been able to keep them at bay. I'm a PLANNER. Big time. And this stage of life we find ourselves in is more of a fluid, unknown process. As you can imagine -- whew that is hard on me!! We know Phase 1 and we are making the necessary steps for that. We want to be debt free and live a much more simplified life, and that means downsizing our living situation. We're all on board with that, and we are checking things off the list to get there. Phase 2 though -- the "what comes after the house sells" -- well...that is the unknown right now. There are a lot of factors involved, and we have so many options in front of us. It's overwhelming and daunting. But...every day, I pray to God intensely to help me step back and let Him lead us to what's next. And I have to understand that won't be in my timing. Man that is hard. So, I do some deep breathing (PEACE in, ANXIETY out)...and I just have to have faith that we will figure it out when the time is right.

:: My Whole 60 is going well, but I have decided this week that I need to tighten up just a bit more. I've been eating snacks, which isn't really part of the plan -- even if they are Whole30 approved. I'm going to try for the remainder of my 60 to only eat my three meals a day, plus one mid-morning snack. I am never hungry enough at breakfast time to eat as much food as I should be eating, so I think a small morning snack is ok. I'm going to cut out the afternoon snack and the after dinner snack. I'm starting to fit back into my clothes, but the progress has definitely slowed down. I still have 7-10 pounds to lose. I'm good with this plan.

:: Chris has been dealing with a calf issue -- on his run Sunday, something popped and he has had pain and tightness since then. Adsy told him to rest it for 48 hours, ice it, and do his compression boots. This is definitely NOT ideal to be dealing with the week before the big tri race. He is stressing, but we shall see how it goes. He's got some IT tape to try, too. Prayers would be greatly appreciated here, because he has worked so hard on this intense training -- he deserves to go out there and compete at his best effort.

:: Ok, time to relax!

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