June 19, 2017

My Day Today

Howdy...I hope that your Monday went well...mine was decent.

:: I was able to work ahead on some things at work, and that is a good, good thing. We're cruising soon, and I have a few things that have to be done before then.

:: My workout was good this evening...45 minutes of cardio (whew) and shoulder work. Gotta put in the work. I'm fitting back into some clothes and that is a good feeling. I'm on my way to meeting my first goal. I'm on day 35 of my Whole 60.

:: I bought a few things from Amazon and they delivered today! I got some more sunless tanning lotion, and a new application mitt. Love those -- it gives a much more even application of the tan color, and your hands no longer turn orange. Double score! I also bought a silicone gripper and lanyard to put on my phone this weekend. The lanyard will go around my neck and the gripper will help prevent me from dropping the phone. I take all of my photos on my phone now, and in a situation like a race, especially one where I will be spectating portions on a motorcycle...I needed something as a safeguard! It works perfectly too...just what I wanted. Yay!! I can also take this on our cruise, etc!!

:: This week, I have to cook dinner every evening. Meh. Meal prep will really get you spoiled quickly, because man -- I am dreading it. I felt so stressed out tonight, getting through my workout and knowing that I had to get to home and cook. That's the last thing I wanted to do. Three more days of it. But...won't be able to meal prep this coming weekend either. So...better quit my bellyaching and get it done. Tonight was the delicious clean sloppy joes served on top of a baked potato -- it's my new fave, soooo yummy!

:: I sold a few more things on Poshmark, yay!! Just need to keep selling. More more more!!!

:: The painters were here today...they got some accomplished, and will be about two more days.

Ok...that's all I've got!!

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