June 18, 2017

Weekend Recap

:: Happy Father's Day to all the amazing men in our lives! Sending hugs your way across the miles! We love you  all!

:: Friday evening, Chris had a long workout...so I worked out, stopped at Walgreens, and then headed home. We enjoyed a relaxing evening, once he got home.

:: Saturday morning around 10:00, my family came to visit!!! I had been so looking forward to this -- I had not seen my aunt Sandy and uncle Kevin, who live in Virginia, since 2005...at my grandpa's funeral. My cousin Raychel recently moved to Texas with her new hubby, and so Sandy and Kevin came out to visit her for a few days...and they added us into the mix! We were long overdue for a visit, and they were finally able to meet Chris!! Raychel and her hubby Chris came along too, and we were excited to meet him! We had such a lovely visit together...I just soaked up every bit of it. Love them all so dearly!! We had a lot of laughs! We loved Chris, and it was so wonderful to see Raychel so happy! We just relaxed at our house, some people did a little swimming, and just sat in the shade and talked (it was 100 degrees!). We ordered pizza for lunch and had some snacks and beers...and just enjoyed family. I loved every minute!! Ocho even relaxed enough and let each of them hold and love on him...he especially loved Sandy, and he fell asleep in her arms while she was kissing on him! Poppy...she made no friends :) We are looking forward to seeing them all again at Raychel and Chris' big wedding in September -- they had a JP wedding about 6 months ago so she could do the military move with him. She's going to be a beautiful bride! * Check out my Instagram for pics from our visit, if you haven't already!!

:: Our visit ended around 4:00, as they had a three hour drive back to Raychel's house...and then Chris and I spent a little time in the pool cooling off! That was so nice and relaxing. The water feels perfect! Then we went to eat dinner at Jojo's and saw Aspen a bit...then home to watch more episodes of The 100!

:: Sunday, for Father's Day, we ladies took Chris out for lunch at Texas Roadhouse...Aspen joined us and we had a nice time together. The rest of the day was for chores (no meal prep this week) and working out for Chris.

:: We're also working on the house when we can...the painter is coming Monday to paint and stain...the debris guy took our big pile away on Friday...we're prepping the house for professional photos to be taken on Tuesday (for the realtor website/listing)...moving right along.

:: We are celebrating Marketing birthdays on Wednesday...I'm included in this quarter :) Jyl is coming in too, and I will be able to give her the wedding album I made for her daughter...it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wednesday, we also have VIPs. Beyond that...we are leaving work a little early on Friday so that we can head to Lubbock for Chris' triathlon!!!!! It's almost here!!!!!!!!!          

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