June 15, 2017

A Decent Thursday

:: It is currently pouring down rain with intense winds and lots and lots of lightening...what a doozy!

:: We had dinner with Chris' boss, Jay, this evening at Taphouse...it was tasty, and we had some good conversation too!

:: I've loaded up more items on my Poshmark site, and am learning some of the tricks...you gotta share people's stuff on your page, so that they will turn around and share your stuff on their page. It's super easy to get followers -- I'm already over 500. So I am hoping to sell more more more!!!

:: I am anxiously awaiting two albums from Project Life! They have been shipped and now I wait...cannot wait to see them both!! Especially the wedding album I did for my friend's daughter!!

:: Today I found an adorable, cheap swimsuit for our upcoming cruise!! I have a few bikinis and I have been wanting to try a one-piece -- there are so many cute ones out these days! I hope the size fits and that the suit is as adorable as I think! Update to come!

:: Tomorrow we will prepare for our Saturday visitors!! Soooo excited to see them!!!

:: Our electricity just went out, so I think I will call it a night for now!

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